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Can you see through me yet?'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Can you see through me yet?

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[06 May 2002|07:50pm]
so. here i am.
starting over.

i only have 2 weeks. 2 weeks to make him happy. to make him want me even more. i can do it.
15-20 lbs to lose.
10 a week can do.
i can do.
i can do this.
i will do this
i just need some support.
someone there to push me harder. to make me see and understand that this does matter, that this is important.
and who is here for me?
my friend ana.
the only friend im aloud to have right now.

my stomach is sore. and i love it. i love the feeling. the gurggling. the conracting feelings. its all good. its my favorite thing in the world.

i will be thin.

and i will do it in the next 2 weeks.

even if i kills me.

goodbye and good day.
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